God unfolds us petal by petal with grace, in love.

Backward glances in faith

Forward to Find Me in the River

The last time I saw her she was standing alone in a meadow, surrounded by lush, tall blades of thick green grass waving in the warm, sunlit breeze.  She was wearing a simple knee-length, light blue dress that swayed gently in unison with the grasses.  Just behind and to her left was a large tree, perhaps an oak with a low-hanging canopy offering perfect shade.

Mildred was absolutely radiant standing there, her shoulder-length brown hair framing those crystal blue eyes with the most peaceful and contented smile ever.  Wisps of hair that were not held back by a head band drifted across her face.  She was no more than nineteen or twenty years old; graceful, beautiful, strong, full of life...and home at last.

She spoke not a word, instead allowing the warmth of her spirit to tell me everything I would ever need to know...that Heaven is real. >


Last night a vision was given to me.  In a woman's hands was a lump of cold, dark glass.  The glass became molten and she pulled the lump into strings of transparent colored arcs.  Pull after pull the lump was changed until it became a glimmering multi-dimensional flower.  It was a thing of great beauty.  The procedure was explained as it happened. >

    Consider a lump of cold, dark glass.  Then enter the glass-blower who in this case is God.

    He takes an undefined lump of cold glass and warms it.  He warms it some more and in time the glass becomes molten enough to shape.  God pulls on the hot glass to create an arc.  Then another arc is pulled from the lump.  He pulls over and over until the lump has been recreated into a wonderful, useful piece.  He is pleased with what has been created and will use it with great joy.  The finished glass is a prized and cherished belonging, to be shared and admired by all who see it. >

Lord, let my lips be silent except for words that reach out in love.

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